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Название: Plug-In Installation in Opera (English version)
Отправлено: ankiria от 05 Августа 2011, 16:34:40

If for some reasons Opera did not automatically install the plug-in, then follow these steps ( you can check availability of installed plug-ins in Opera by typing request "opera:plugins" in the address bar of the web browser)
1. Copy files: npvlc.dll; libvlc.dll; libvlccore.dll, from the directory TorrentStream. Directory by default: C:\Program Files\TorrentStream
2. Load them to a folder "plugins" in Opera. Directory by default: C:\Program Files\Opera\program\plugins
3. Start/Restart Opera.

Attention! After plug-in installation Opera stops downloading torrents, because plug-in is installed by default for work with all torrents.

Solution: you can customize Opera not to use plug-in for torrent-files.
Menu - Settings - Preferences - Advanced - Downloads - application/x-bittorrent