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Название: The application is temporarily suspended in Google Play Store
Отправлено: Constantin от 15 Апреля 2018, 21:31:58
Dear users!

Our applications in Google Play are temporarily suspended.
While we're investigating the situation you can download and install applications directly from our website:

The reason of suspension:

The application was suspended due to a complaint from Ukrainian company Vindex, which misled Google, through fabricated false charges, indicating that our application contains unlicensed content.

As you all know, our applications do not contain and have never contained any content at all, and the claims to our application is equivalent to making claims and writing complaints to developers of any software players and/or browsers through which users can view the content on the Internet. Therefore, we made an appeal, and we hope that in the very near future specialists from Google will adequately deal with this situation and reinstate our applications.

If you are interested in the future of our applications for Android, then we will be glad to any support in this question. And please, pour out all your wrath regarding this situation not on our resources, but directly to the company Vindex and its representative Sergey Poloz, who after some awkward requests for changes in the DHT protocols and networks, and inability to specify where and how exactly we violate someone's copyright, fabricated false accusations, which lead to current situation.

Contact information of the complainant:
Vindex Law Firm LLC.
5 Sklyarenko str., Kiev, 04073, Ukraine
E-mail: poloz@vindex.com.ua
Tel. / Fax: +38 (044) 379 1436
+380994623320  (Sergei Poloz)

P.S. We publish the contact information of the complainant because of direct damage to all users of Ace Stream. Each our user has the full right to have this information, in order to be able to claim explanations and compensation for damage, if the actions of these persons caused material damage to someone, within the legal field of his country.
Название: Re: The application is temporarily suspended in Google Play Store
Отправлено: Constantin от 02 Мая 2018, 13:22:40

We are glad to inform you that our appeal was satisfied by Google, and Ace Stream Media application was reinstated in the Google Play Store.
Currently there are two our applications in the Google Play: "Ace Stream Media" and "Ace Stream Engine", and at the moment they are absolutely identical in functionality. Therefore, for correct operation, install only one of these applications, depending on your needs.

1. If you want to get a full-fledged multimedia player and new advanced service capabilities in the near future, we recommend installing "Ace Stream Media"
2. If you plan to use Ace Stream exclusively as an utility application (as a service for content delivery), to ensure the operation of a third-party application, we recommend using the "Ace Stream Engine".

In turn, in the very near future we will release updates that will ensure the compatibility and correct operation in case when different versions of applications are installed on the device at the same time. Also, we will provide developers with a program module (java class) that will encapsulate the connection to the Ace Stream service. This module will automatically determine which service to connect to, if several Ace Stream applications are installed on the device